How I climbed Mount Everest…

Imagine this – you’re at the base of Mount Everest. You’ve got all your hiking gear on and you’re ready to climb. 

Now just the idea of climbing this mounting can seem pretty like a daunting task. I mean… that’s a lot to climb!

How I Climbed Mount Everest

Where do you even start?

Should I get someone to help me train for this? Am I going to survive this journey? How long will it take to be able to achieve it? 

This is how most people think and feel about guitar playing. We all have dreams and ambitions but often times they can just feel too far away like you’ve got to climb your own version of Everest. 

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What if there was a way to make the mountain smaller to climb? (Hint: There is)

I have in fact climbed Mount Everest… my guitar playing Mount Everest (see what I did there?)

How to climb your own Mount Everest Guitar Mountain

For me, the mountain took a very long time to climb.

I had no guide to help me. 

  • No one to show me the best routes to travel. 
  • No one to warn me of danger
  • I wasted a lot of time climbing my mountain.
  • I got lost a lot along the way to top 

Over the years, and with the help of a great teacher, they helped me to make my mountain much smaller (probably by half!) through showing me:

  1. What to do
  2. How to do it
  3. What I needed to learn to achieve my dreams and ambitions

And that’s how you can make your mountain smaller, by making it achievable. Not this daunting dream that seems so unachievable. 

How to start climbing today

There are many ways you can do this for yourself if you don’t have your guide yet. 

For example, when you practise, think about each part of your practising components separately.  

Often times we try to do too much at once. We try to change chords and strum, we try to solo and follow chord changes etc… 

By separating out the pieces you have to learn, your brain can fully engage on what you’re trying to practice and you’ll make more progress in less time! 

This makes the whole thing more manageable. 

For this month in your practicing, I would like you to think about this. Are you trying to use both hands at once or can they be separated and practiced separately? 

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Are you trying to chew off more than you can handle? Or can you turn any of what you are trying to achieve into more manageable bites? 

If you are interested to find out more, visit us in in our guitar school in London, England. To find out how practising appropriate can help you further with making your Mount Everest and turning it into more manageable chucks.