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To Any Guitar Player In Franklin Who Feels

Stuck In A Rut

…has played on and off for years but still can’t play even close to the way they want…who wants more confidence, more consistent progress day after day, and wants the musical understanding to be able to express themselves, so you can finally…

Achieve The Musical Freedom You Want On Guitar!

If you’ve been practicing guitar for years but you still feel like you’re going no where, this may be your lucky day.

My name is Ryan and I help guitarists who desperately want to play well, but haven’t gotten better in years.

“I stopped playing for many years. Once I started lessons with Supertonic Guitar and I’ve been killing it ever since. I played for years and never got anywhere. In six months, I’m ten times better than I ever was before. If you’re a beginner, don’t think that you can’t do this. Don’t think that it takes some sort of natural talent, because I have none of that and I’m way better thanks to these lessons.” – Jason H.
Testimonial by Brian H. for Guitar school in seattle
“It’s been a really rewarding experience for me… You can start learning guitar on your own and it’s going to be a lot more difficult. You’re going to pick up a lot of bad habits or if you to start out of the gate learning the right way to do it, it saves you a lot of time coming down the road… It sure helps having somebody who really knows what they are doing to be with you along every step of the way.” – Brian H.

Testimonial by Rebecca K. for Supertonic Guitar

“I started to teach myself guitar, got discouraged after a couple months, and then put it aside. And then a couple years go by and I do the same exact thing. Guitar lessons here have really been a lifesaver for me because, I was starting to think, “Am I ever gonna be able to play guitar?” I never would have thought in just 3 months that I would be able to learn to play and that it would be so easy. It’s been really, really fun.” – Rebecca K.

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After a decade of teaching guitar full time, I can confidently say…

That If You Are Friendly And Coachable, Love Playing Guitar And Are Motivated To Grow, Than Making Progress Will Likely Be Faster Than You Ever Thought It Could Be

I’m not famous. I don’t play in bands. I don’t collect guitars or gear. Instead, my number one goal is to help guitarists play way better than they believed was possible.

Over the past decade, I invested a Master’s Degree equivalent of time & money into my teaching skills.

I’m one of only a few hundred guitar teachers worldwide (and the only teacher providing guitar lessons in Franklin, TN) getting ongoing guitar teacher training from the Elite Guitar Teacher’s Inner Circle.

It doesn’t feel like that long ago that my own guitar playing felt stuck in a rut. 

When I first started learning guitar, I got the basics down pretty quickly (open chords, barre chords, a bunch of cool licks, etc.), I just didn’t know what to do with any of it.

And as I kept moving towards a more intermediate level, that’s when…

My Progress Hit A Huge Plateau!

…A plateau that lasted for 10+ years. I was just spinning my wheels for a decade.

I couldn’t figure out how to build up speed in my fingers. And I wondered why I just couldn’t do it when I would practice over and over and still not get any faster.

My playing was sloppy and inconsistent. I was the best player of all my friends I knew at the time and they all told me I was great. But deep down, I knew that it just wasn’t true.

Fast forward a couple years into my decade of being stuck…My band at the time was recording in the studio. 

And while in the midst of recording (something that should have been exciting and fun) I had a painful realization… I wasn’t even good enough to record my own parts. 

What I mean is my technique was so sloppy and inconsistent that I’d play something right maybe one time but then it totally fell apart the next time I played it. 

Honestly, I couldn’t even hear how bad I actually was. I just didn’t know what I didn’t know.

But let’s just say that it was so bad that the other guitar player in the band ended up re-recording all of my parts! Ouch…

I Was Humiliated!

The icing on the cake is that I developed carpal tunnel due to bad technique. (To be fair, a lot of of the blame goes to a job I had at the time. I quit it, but the damage was done.) 

Either way, my hands hurt so much that I could not play guitar for more than 10-15 minutes at a time before having to stop due to how much pain I was in.

Because of that, I only picked up my guitar when it was absolutely necessary…to write songs or perform for the band… and I would only play the easy stuff…

But I didn’t actually really practice guitar for over a decade!

I’ll admit it. I started to settle for less. I didn’t believe it was even possible for me to get better. 

So I tried to shut off my desire to play guitar and made excuses (“I don’t have time”, “I’ll get to it ‘someday’”, “life just got in the way”, and all that).

I Felt Like I “Maxed Out” What Limited Skills I Had

I had lost hope that things would get better.

I didn’t know how to fix it or if fixing it was even possible.

I still didn’t know what to practice in order to make actual progress.

And I had no structure and no plan to follow.

Finally, I got fed up. Something had to change.

So I decided to buy a $3,000 ticket to go to the most crazy-stupid-expensive guitar training in the whole world.

At the event, the main teacher (who eventually became my mentor who taught me how to teach guitar) really emphasized that he wasn’t just going to “teach me stuff”….

Instead, he said he would diagnose the problems in my guitar playing and pinpoint the exact challenges that were holding me back from playing how I really wanted. 

He also said he would guide me and hold my hand through the entire process to make it as easy as possible for me.

I was skeptical that things could really change but I was willing to give it a shot.

That week I discovered something that made a huge difference not only in my playing but in the playing of my (future) guitar students…

“It’s been a tremendous improvement since I started taking lessons. When I was on my own it was brutal for my ears and for my girlfriend’s ears of course. But so far it’s been great. I highly recommend Supertonic Guitar. It’s been a game changer for me. I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else.” – Crosby M.

“I’ve had my own guitar for a long time and tried to teach myself and was unsuccessful. I became very discouraged and intimidated by the guitar. Afraid to ever pick it up. But after, just one lesson, I felt a lot better about it. I feelcomfortable, not afraid to make mistakes or ask questions. It is a really positive experience.” – Stacy H.

“I’ve been playing guitar since I was about 10 years old. After years of collecting huge amounts of books, and instructional things on Youtube. I would say that I’ve made more progress from having a human being to go in and talk to. Supertonic Guitar is the only one I know to provide me what I needed.” – Kurt S.
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The #1 Reason Guitar Players Get Stuck And Never Get To Play The Way They Want To Play

The problem is that when we first start playing guitar, there are some skills we naturally pick up faster than others. (And some skills we don’t learn at all but we should)

For example:

You may be able to learn technique really quickly, but never spend time training your ear.

Or maybe you jumped right into learning songs but have no technique or proper fundamentals whatsoever.

Either way, this kind of dysfunctional learning that most beginners go through is something that most guitarists never recover from…

Unbalanced Guitar Playing Full Of Bad Habits

This is what happened to me. As I kept going down my own “self-taught” path, some of my skills kept improving.

But there were other skills I…

  • Never bothered to learn (especially music theory)
  • Never knew I should learn (like that I needed to develop my ear training)
  • Only learned till I was “good enough” (like proper technique, hand placement/tension)

These skills (or I should say, the lack thereof) are what made my playing off balance because I never knew I needed to practice them. I didn’t know what I was missing.

This is why I knew bits and pieces of guitar playing but couldn’t put it all together no matter how much I tried.

It’s also why my playing was sloppy and no matter how much I practiced, I never sounded as good as my favorite players.

And I’m willing to bet the principle of…

“You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know” Is The #1 Reason Your Guitar Playing Is Stuck

Other mistakes that keep you perpetually stuck:

#1 If you’re learning from a ‘typical guitar teacher’

Almost all guitar teachers are simply not qualified to teach guitar, they are merely good players (hopefully). 

They don’t have any training or certifications for teaching guitar. 

(But they’ll make sure you know they have a Bachelor’s degree in music… this is all good for them but their music degree has nothing to do with teaching you.)

Sadly, students who come to me from other teachers still have holes in their technique and in their musical knowledge.

#2 If you’re learning from a “one-size-fits-all” online course

It’s likely content made by the same unqualified guitar teachers (or worse, not a teacher at all) who use the same old “cookie cutter” curriculum for everyone.

Even if you are able get something out of these things, all you’re doing at this point is piling more stuff onto your already shaky foundation.

Most guitar lessons no matter what format, aren’t enough to fix the problems in your playing. The reason being that…

#3 You are still practicing at home by yourself when you’re not in lessons

It’s still up to you to practice correctly and consistently by yourself.

It’s still up to you to undo your bad habits.

It’s up to you to think through your guitar playing challenges and try to figure out what to do when you aren’t sure.

So yeah…

“I started taking guitar lessons to improve my music theory knowledge and songwriting. Now it makes a lot more sense and I’m able to do a lot more. It’s been very beneficial to my playing and songwriting. I’m very glad I made the choice to take lessons.” – Drew L.

“I would definitely recommend taking lessons because it definitely makes things more fun instead of being frustrated and not knowing what to do. It really is a big loss to not know how to play something you could enjoy for life.” – Jack T.
guitar lessons in seattle Katlin
“I’ve learned way more than I ever did trying to teach myself and am very happy with the progress I’ve made. The things that I’m learning are a lot of fun. And it’s things that I enjoy playing, but also the little things that are really important.” – Kaitlin B.

“Un-learning” And Fixing Your Bad Habits Can Be Really Hard!

For most people (and many of my students – before they come to me), it does not end well.

And it almost ended in disaster for me too.

Until guitar training experts did an in-depth analysis of my playing using the…

Geometric Guitar Teaching Method

Here’s how it works:

  • Diagnoses challenges unique to you. Much like doctors diagnose their sick patients who come to them.

Learning more “stuff”on guitar is NOT the answer. 

Until you can learn what your unique blind spots are, your progress is only going to go so far.

  • Rapid Results Training. It’s about replacing your bad habits with new, proper skills that restore balance back to your guitar playing.

I’m going to be brutally honest….

The longer you’ve played guitar, the more bad habits you are likely to have.

The good news is that you can fix any guitar playing problem when you know what to do and how to do it.

  • Integrating new skills along with everything you already know and do well.

When you hit all the points of the Geometric Method, that’s when you finally start to play at your full potential instead of being slowed down by the blind spots hindering your progress.

Your Bad Habits Disappear And Improving Your Guitar Playing Is Practically Inevitable!

I came home from the guitar training events and tried this method out on myself.

I felt like I finally had a blueprint for playing guitar the way I always wanted.

I had more breakthroughs in my playing in 1 month than I had in the last 10 years previous.

Now I could play all day long, day after day! No more pain.

The Geometric Guitar Teaching Method transformed my playing. 

It works for almost everyone who I use it on. That’s why I became:

The Only Guitar Teacher In All Of Franklin & Nashville Certified To Teach Using The Geometric Guitar Teaching Method

If you’d like to be the next guitarist I help, click the button below.

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If you’ve already tried other guitar teachers, apps, books and courses and are frustrated that none of them helped you like they promised…

…get in touch with me and let’s start working on your playing today.

Total beginners are welcome too. 😉

Today's most popular FAQs

How long will it take me to get “good”?

It really depends on the individual, their interest, goals and how quickly they want to make progress. You can progress in as little as 5-10 minutes of practice per day if you have the proper training from an experienced guitar teacher on a consistent basis. There is not a clear, direct answer for this.

Should I learn on my own first before taking lessons?

No, definitely not! I get asked this question a lot from beginners who think they need to know how to play something before coming to see me. First of all, everyone is nervous at first, but this goes away quickly as it really is such a positive and encouraging environment. If you don’t know how to play anything yet, this is great news! Because you haven’t developed any bad habits, learned things out of order, gotten overwhelmed by different info telling you to do different things. We will help you build the musical foundation you need so that you can feel comfortable playing real music and you’ll be excited to see yourself progress.