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If You Are Friendly And Coachable, Love Playing Guitar And Are Motivated To Grow,

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My number one goal is to provide the best guitar lessons in Franklin. This way you can play way better than you believed was possible.

It doesn’t feel like that long ago(though it was a LONG time ago) that my own guitar playing felt stuck in a rut. When I first started learning guitar, I sort of got the basics down, but I didn’t know what to do with any of it. I would bang around on guitar for years and made very slow and often zero progress. It wasn’t until I got guidance and training from someone who really knew how to get results that things changed. 
Then things took off! If this is what you want then hit us up for guitar lessons in Franklin, TN at Supertonic Guitar.

Student Testimonials

Has Your Progress Hit A Huge Plateau!

I’ve been in the same situation! I felt like I wasn’t getting any better for over 10 years. It was like I was going in circles and not making any real progress.


No matter how much I practiced, I couldn’t seem to build up speed in my fingers. I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t improving. My playing was sloppy and inconsistent, even though my friends said I was great.


But deep down, I knew the truth. I hadn’t reached the level of playing that I wanted to achieve. I wanted to be able to give the best guitar lessons in Franklin, TN. One day, while recording in the studio, I had a painful realization. I wasn’t even good enough to record my own parts.


I couldn’t play something right more than once because my technique was bad. I didn’t even realize how bad I was. It was so bad that the other guitar player in my band had to re-record my parts. It was a blow to my confidence.

Don’t Make The Same Mistake I Did

To make matters worse, I developed carpal tunnel syndrome. Part of the blame goes to a job I had at the time, but my bad habits on the guitar made it worse. My hands hurt so much that I could only play for a short amount of time before needing to stop. I was in bad shape.


Because of the pain, I only picked up my guitar when I had to, like when I needed to write songs or perform with my band. I played a lot, but I didn’t actually practice the guitar for over a decade. I started to believe that I couldn’t get better or offer the best guitar lessons in Franklin, TN.


I tried to ignore my desire to play the guitar and made excuses like not having enough time or life getting in the way. I felt like I had reached my limit with the skills I had.


I had lost hope that things would get better. I didn’t know how to fix it or if it was even possible to fix. It seemed impossible to become the best at giving guitar lessons in Franklin, TN. I didn’t know what to practice or how to make progress. I had no structure or plan to follow.


Finally, I reached a breaking point. I knew something had to change. So I decided to seek out the help and coaching I desperately needed.

I Felt Like I “Maxed Out” What Limited Skills I Had

I felt like I had reached my highest level of skill in playing the guitar. I didn’t think things would get better or that I would ever be able to give guitar lessons in Franklin, TN. I didn’t know how to fix it or if I could even fix it. I wanted to be the best at giving guitar lessons, but it seemed like a faraway dream. I didn’t know what to practice to get better. I had no structure or plan to follow.


Finally, I got tired of it. I wanted things to change. So I looked for someone to coach me and help me improve.


I learned new things and I learned how to find and solve the problems in my guitar playing. 


I had someone to guide me through the whole process, making it easier for me.


I was skeptical that things could change, but I decided to give it a try. I found something that made a huge difference in my playing, as well as in the playing of my future guitar students. Now we offer the best guitar lessons in Franklin, TN.

The #1 Reason Guitar Players Get Stuck And Never Get To Play The Way They Want To Play

When we first start playing guitar, we learn some skills faster than others. Some skills we don’t learn at all, but we should.


Unbalanced Guitar Playing Full Of Bad Habits

This happened to me and it kept me from offering the best guitar lessons in Franklin. But as I kept practicing on my own, my skills improved and I got closer to my goal. But there were other skills I…

  • Never bothered to learn (especially music theory).
  • Never knew I should learn (like that I needed to develop my aural skills).
  • Only learned till I was “good enough” (like proper technique, hand placement/tension).

The lack of these skills made my playing off balance. I never knew I needed to practice them. I didn’t know what I was missing. This is why I knew bits and pieces of guitar playing but couldn’t put it all together no matter how much I tried. 


It’s also why my playing was sloppy and no matter how much I practiced, I never sounded as good as my favorite players. 

“You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know” Is The #1 Reason Your Guitar Playing Is Stuck

Here are other mistakes that keep you stuck:

#1 Taking Guitar Lessons in Franklin From An Untrained and Unqualified Teacher

The main mistake that keeps guitar players stuck is if they have a typical guitar teacher who might be a good player, but not a qualified teacher.


They don’t have the proper training(usually zero training) to teach guitar lessons in Franklin. Many students who come to me from other teachers still have huge gaps in their technique and musical knowledge that should have been resolved.


#2 Learning Form the Internet

Another mistake is relying on internet sources, which may be created by unqualified teachers. This piles more information on top of an already shaky foundation.


These guitar lessons are probably made by people who don’t know much about teaching or maybe they aren’t even teachers. Even if you can learn something from them, they won’t help you improve much if you don’t have a strong foundation in playing the guitar.


Often people will hit a wall of confusion and overwhelm very fast. They often watch videos and learn without knowing how to use the information.


The vast amount of content on it, will splinter your focus into many directions. Leading to stalled progress.


Most online guitar lessons won’t fix the issues you have with playing because…

#3 Only Practicing by Yourself Without Guidance

It’s important to practice the right way and keep practicing regularly. You need to work on fixing any bad habits you have. If you’re not sure what the problem is or how to fix it, you will likely just avoid it or get really frustrated.

Deprogramming Bad Habits Can Be Hard, But There is Hope!

If you’ve been playing guitar for a long time, you might have some bad habits. But don’t worry, you can fix them if you understand how. I had every bad habit in the book and was able to reverse all the damage done over years of ingraining those bad habits.


With the right guitar coaching, your bad habits will go away and your guitar playing will improve a lot! There is a way to play guitar the way you have always wanted. Get more breakthroughs in a few months than in years. This is a method that works for everyone who sticks with it.


If you’d like help, click here. If you’ve tried other guitar teachers, guitar lessons in Franklin, apps, books, and courses without success, contact me. Let’s start improving your playing today.


Total beginners are welcome too, 😉

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It really depends on the individual, their interest, goals and how quickly they want to make progress. You can progress in as little as 5-10 minutes of practice per day if you have the proper training from an experienced guitar teacher on a consistent basis. There is not a clear, direct answer for this.

No, definitely not! I get asked this question a lot from beginners who think they need to know how to play something before coming to see me. First of all, everyone is nervous at first, but this goes away quickly as it really is such a positive and encouraging environment. If you don’t know how to play anything yet, this is great news! Because you haven’t developed any bad habits, learned things out of order, gotten overwhelmed by different info telling you to do different things. We will help you build the musical foundation you need so that you can feel comfortable playing real music and you’ll be excited to see yourself progress.

We work with adults of ALL ages. You’re never too old to learn something new 🙂 Our kids guitar lessons programs start at age 10.

We focus solely on guitar (and bass). Many music schools offer multiple different instruments however, ALL of our attention, time and energy goes into constantly improving our guitar training programs.

We have several different programs for you to choose from depending on what you’d like to do. No two students are the same so it helps to know more about you, your musical goals and interests, etc. Much like a doctor needs to assess their patients before providing a diagnosis in order to best treat them, a great guitar teacher should meet you first to asses your guitar playing so that he knows how to guide you in a clear musical direction.

We teach all skill levels. From beginners who have never even touched a guitar before to advanced players who have 50+ years of experience.

We teach rock, metal, blues, pop, reggae, country, folk, and related styles. We don’t teach classical, but will help you with it if it’s a secondary interest.

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