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Guitar Lessons In Franklin, TN

Are You Stuck In A Rut With Your Guitar Playing?

Let us help you take your guitar playing to the next level…

I understand exactly how it feels to be stuck and not know what to do to get better. These challenges to your playing are normal and are part of the growing process. Yes, obstacles in your way are part of getting better.

The good news is that your frustration with where you are at with guitar playing means that you desire to grow. We are here to help you do exactly that by providing the most customizable and comprehensive guitar lessons in Franklin!

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I Can Totally Relate To How Frustrating It Can Be To Learn The Guitar

When I first started, I felt like I would never get good at guitar. I was frustrated and wanted to throw it against the wall every day. All I wanted was to play my favorite songs, have fun, and sound awesome but I didn’t know how to get there or if I ever would.

Even if I was able to teach myself a new technique, I never knew how to actually apply it to or use it in my playing. As a result, I was discouraged because I couldn’t play how I really wanted.

At least not until I found a dedicated guitar teacher and committed to following the steps that he clearly laid out for me.

Most of my students felt stuck in multiple areas of their playing when they first came to me. What I’ve found is that if you love music and guitar and have the drive to improve, all you need is the right instruction.

This includes the right training to breakthrough the barriers in your way. Taking guitar lessons from a great guitar teacher will make the process a lot easier. It will be much more satisfying and you will improve much faster.

“I stopped playing for many years. Once I started lessons with Supertonic Guitar and I’ve been killing it ever since. I played for years and never got anywhere. In six months, I’m ten times better than I ever was before. If you’re a beginner, don’t think that you can’t do this. Don’t think that it takes some sort of natural talent, because I have none of that and I’m way better thanks to these lessons.” – Jason H.
Testimonial by Brian H. for Guitar school in seattle
“It’s been a really rewarding experience for me… You can start learning guitar on your own and it’s going to be a lot more difficult. You’re going to pick up a lot of bad habits or if you to start out of the gate learning the right way to do it, it saves you a lot of time coming down the road… It sure helps having somebody who really knows what they are doing to be with you along every step of the way.” – Brian H.

Testimonial by Rebecca K. for Supertonic Guitar

“I started to teach myself guitar, got discouraged after a couple months, and then put it aside. And then a couple years go by and I do the same exact thing. Guitar lessons here have really been a lifesaver for me because, I was starting to think, “Am I ever gonna be able to play guitar?” I never would have thought in just 3 months that I would be able to learn to play and that it would be so easy. It’s been really, really fun.” – Rebecca K.

Are You Unknowingly Hurting Yourself And Slowing Down Your Progress?

There are many options for learning guitar, but few bring great results. In the long run, learning guitar the wrong way will cost you a lot of time. Teaching yourself sounds appealing because of all the information and resources out there.  But how do you know if any of this information is accurate?

Anyone can make videos and post them online. Anyone can make guitar tab and throw it up on a website. The vast amount of online guitar resources is overwhelming enough to make a lot of beginners quit due to not knowing where to begin.

Just because you have easy access to material online does not mean it is the right way or the right order in which YOU personally learn the best. You may pick up some helpful playing tips on the internet here and there but ultimately, these sources do not know you or care about your musical interests. They do not understand your learning style or the struggles that you are facing and they have no way to know what you actually want to accomplish with guitar. Simply put, they don’t know you so how can they possibly teach you effectively?

Even if the information you find is good, it may not be the right time for you to learn it. Most people learn things in the wrong order which means they miss key elements in their playing foundation.

This makes it a lot harder and more frustrating than it has to be. And what is worse, learning guitar skills in the wrong order will create bad habits in your playing. Bad habits, if left unchecked, can waste a lot of your time, lower your progress which then lowers your motivation and can even cause you physical pain.

If you have tried books, apps, YouTube, etc than you know that you reach a point where you need guidance. It is so important to get clear directions and support from someone who can watch you play and give feedback specific to your needs so that you can make lasting progress.

“It’s been a tremendous improvement since I started taking lessons. When I was on my own it was brutal for my ears and for my girlfriend’s ears of course. But so far it’s been great. I highly recommend Supertonic Guitar. It’s been a game changer for me. I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else.” – Crosby M.

“I’ve had my own guitar for a long time and tried to teach myself and was unsuccessful. I became very discouraged and intimidated by the guitar. Afraid to ever pick it up. But after, just one lesson, I felt a lot better about it. I feelcomfortable, not afraid to make mistakes or ask questions. It is a really positive experience.” – Stacy H.

“I’ve been playing guitar since I was about 10 years old. After years of collecting huge amounts of books, and instructional things on Youtube. I would say that I’ve made more progress from having a human being to go in and talk to. Supertonic Guitar is the only one I know to provide me what I needed.” – Kurt S.
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Not All Guitar Lessons Are The Same

Unfortunately many guitar teachers do not have a plan for you to actually make progress. Sure, they want to help you, they simply don’t know how.

Some guitar teachers are great players, but the fact is that the majority of guitar teachers have had no training on how to teach guitar. Therefore to get results, you need to go to someone who has experience getting results for people like you.

Get results from someone with a proven track record of getting results

We are actively training not only to become better musicians but we are also continuously in training for how to teach guitar. We care about being better guitar teachers for our students so that they can learn the most effective guitar methods and get results. By being a great guitar instructor, we are able to provide the very best to our students.

We assess a students’ playing and diagnose their problem areas as a doctor would do for their patient. Taking into account the student’s goals and learning style. Then come up with actual solutions that will lead them to where they want to go.

Our programs allow our students to have the complete guitar training package. Unlike most traditional guitar methods where the teacher just ‘shows you stuff,’ like how to play a cool lick here and there. You will be taught real techniques and shown how to actually apply them to real music.

Supertonic Guitar Traditional Guitar Lessons
Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle™️ Certified Teacher Yes No
Personalized Professional Guitar Coaching Yes No
Training Based On Your Goals Yes No
Fast Results Yes No
Tracked & Measured Goals For Proof Of Progress Yes No
Guitar Fundamentals Yes Maybe
Innovative Solutions To Your Problems Yes No
Comprehensive Integration Of Skills Training Yes No
Songwriting Development And Mentoring Yes No
Creativity Training Yes No
Improvisation Lessons Yes Maybe
Play Songs You Love Yes Maybe
Tons Of Fun Yes No

Our commitment is to you, your goals, and building a clear step by step plan for you to follow

Choosing a guitar teacher is an important decision. A great guitar teacher should inspire you and provide you with accountability. Let us structure a clear path for you to follow to get you where you want to go.

We are the only guitar school in Franklin that is a part of the Elite Guitar Teacher’s Inner Circle, an international community of guitar teachers. We are always improving the quality of guitar instruction to add more value to our students. 

Check out our student testimonials page to hear more of what our students have to say about their positive experience from taking guitar lessons in Franklin with our guitar school.

“I started taking guitar lessons to improve my music theory knowledge and songwriting. Now it makes a lot more sense and I’m able to do a lot more. It’s been very beneficial to my playing and songwriting. I’m very glad I made the choice to take lessons.” – Drew L.

“I would definitely recommend taking lessons because it definitely makes things more fun instead of being frustrated and not knowing what to do. It really is a big loss to not know how to play something you could enjoy for life.” – Jack T.
guitar lessons in seattle Katlin
“I’ve learned way more than I ever did trying to teach myself and am very happy with the progress I’ve made. The things that I’m learning are a lot of fun. And it’s things that I enjoy playing, but also the little things that are really important.” – Kaitlin B.

Give Yourself The Help And The Results You Deserve

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