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Whether you’ve been playing guitar for years and still feel like you’re going nowhere. Or are brand new to guitar, we will help you reach your guitar playing goals. 
We’ve helped countless guitarists who want to play well actually reach their goals. If you are looking for the best Guitar Lessons in Franklin, TN, then contact us today.

The Total Guitar Package

✓ Focus on having fun and stop feeling stuck

✓ Get support from highly trained and experienced instructors

✓ Guitar programs focused on helping your reach your goals

✓ Proven methods developed, tested, and refined with over 1000 students

✓ Flexible and convenient scheduling

If You Are Friendly And Coachable, Love Playing Guitar And Are Motivated To Grow,

Than Making Progress Will Likely Be Faster Than You Ever Thought It Could Be

Our number one goal is to provide the best guitar lessons in Franklin. This way you can play way better than you believed was possible.

Student Testimonials


It really depends on the individual, their interest, goals and how quickly they want to make progress. You can progress in as little as 5-10 minutes of practice per day if you have the proper training from an experienced guitar teacher on a consistent basis. There is not a clear, direct answer for this.

No, definitely not! I get asked this question a lot from beginners who think they need to know how to play something before coming to see me. First of all, everyone is nervous at first, but this goes away quickly as it really is such a positive and encouraging environment. If you don’t know how to play anything yet, this is great news! Because you haven’t developed any bad habits, learned things out of order, gotten overwhelmed by different info telling you to do different things. We will help you build the musical foundation you need so that you can feel comfortable playing real music and you’ll be excited to see yourself progress.

We work with adults of ALL ages. You’re never too old to learn something new 🙂 Our kids guitar lessons programs start at age 10.

We focus solely on guitar (and bass). Many music schools offer multiple different instruments however, ALL of our attention, time and energy goes into constantly improving our guitar training programs.

We have several different programs for you to choose from depending on what you’d like to do. No two students are the same so it helps to know more about you, your musical goals and interests, etc. Much like a doctor needs to assess their patients before providing a diagnosis in order to best treat them, a great guitar teacher should meet you first to asses your guitar playing so that he knows how to guide you in a clear musical direction.

We teach all skill levels. From beginners who have never even touched a guitar before to advanced players who have 50+ years of experience.

We teach rock, metal, blues, pop, reggae, country, folk, and related styles. We don’t teach classical, but will help you with it if it’s a secondary interest.

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