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Check out what our students are saying about their experience in being a part of Supertonic Guitar.

“I started taking lessons because I felt like I was trapped in a box… Ever since I started taking lessons, I feel like everyday I’m learning things I never even thought I’d be able to do… I feel much more confident.”
Guitar Lessons Brentwood TN
Chris K.
“It’s been a really rewarding experience for me… You can start learning guitar on your own and it’s going to be a lot more difficult. You’re going to pick up a lot of bad habits or if you to start out of the gate learning the right way to do it, it saves you a lot of time coming down the road.
student performing at Supertonic Guitar concert
Brian H.
“Through taking lessons here I’ve learned a lot more about the guitar and I found it really cool to be able to play for my friends and be able to play in my graduation. I’ve been given multiple opportunities to use what I’ve learned.” -Claire
family group guitar lessons
Mark M. & Claire M.
“The biggest thing that I’ve learned while taking lessons here is how to play cleanly. It’s given me a lot more room on stage to play what I actually want to play and also…I’ve been able to speak more as a musician and not as a guitarist that just only knows the same licks over and over again. It’s allowed me to be more creative in writing.”
Rock guitar lessons
Devin D.
“Definitely check out Supertonic Guitar. Probably the best around honestly and I learned more than I ever could teaching myself. I just enjoy every lesson, every time I go. There’s always something new, something to improve upon, always pushing me to the limit and it’s great fun.”
Franklin guitar for teens
Leo C.
“I learned a lot in a really short amount of time. One of the things I struggle most with in music is self confidence, and dealing with self-doubt and taking lessons here has really helped with that. If you are thinking about it at all, I would say, Go for it. It’s really the best decision I’ve made in the last couple years. The environment fostered here is so supportive.”
indie guitar lessons Franklin
Kiri S.
“It’s been a tremendous improvement since I started taking lessons. I highly recommend Supertonic Guitar. It’s been a game changer for me. I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else.”
punk guitar
Crosby M.
“I’ve had my own guitar for a long time and tried to teach myself using mainly books and a little bit online. It was unsuccessful, so I became very discouraged and intimidated by the guitar. And afraid to ever pick it up. But my daughter became interested in guitar, so we decided to take lessons together. And after, just one lesson, I felt a lot better about it. It’s a very casual atmosphere. We feel comfortable, not afraid to make mistakes or ask questions. It is a really positive experience for both of us.”
guitar lessons near me
Stacy H. & Evie H.
“I would definitely recommend taking lessons because it definitely makes things more fun instead of being frustrated and not knowing what to do. It really is a big loss to not know how to play something you could enjoy for life.”
pop guitar
Jack T.
“I was trying to teach myself and it was very frustrating and I was making slow progress. Since taking lessons my progress has been so much more than I could have imagined. I’ve learned things I didn’t even know that I needed to know. My confidence with the instrument has grown dramatically. I feel like I can just pick up the guitar and play it now. Best of all I got to perform one of my favorite songs in front of a crowd and cheering audience. It was an amazing experience and a great time.”
Port guitar lessons
Iain M.
“I’ve had a guitar in the closet for 45 years and never learned how to play it. I sure wish I’d taken it out sooner. I’ve learned so much in the past year. I feel I’ve progresseed a great deal. It just works really well. It’s all been really really valuable. I was nervious going to the first lesson, I haven’t been nervious since. Anybody who’s interested in improving will find it to be a terrific enviornment for doing that. I can’t say enough about it. I’d encourage anybody to put aside their nerves and just go for it.”
jazz guitar for beginners
Rex M.
“It’s been fun and I’ve learned a lot. It’s quite simple to get started and make progress really fast. It’s a really fun and stress free enviornment.”
rock guitar for beginners
Tony R.
“I’ve been playing for over a year and I’ve been very happy learning here. It’s been awesome! I’m having loads of fun in learning how to play. It’s exillerating, it’s awesome! It gives you a lot of confidence in your playing ability.”
Supertonic Guitar lessons in Franklin tn guitar lessons
Kevin M.
“I started playing guitar quite a few years ago, but wasn’t making any progress beyond basic chords until I started lessons… I like to sing and write music, but I was really stuck in the same chord progressions and the same fingerings. Starting lessons has really brought more complexity to my songwriting and has allowed me to understand a lot more about basic music theory, so I feel like I have a much better idea of what I’m doing.”
guitar lessons for women
Leigh S.
“I tried lessons online, but there was no feedback. Actually coming to lessons here and getting realtime feedback based on my actual skills instead has really helped me improve a lot. The lessons are customized to you. I think that is one of the best things.”
90's rock guitar lessons
Chandan K.
“Ryan has been a really good guitar teacher because, instead of just giving you everything at once he will give you a lesson step by step so can understand every single part of it. It makes it less confusing for you and you can understand it all. It’s just easier and he makes it all good.”
guitar lessons for kids in Franklin tn
Izzy M.
“I’ve learned way more than I ever did trying to teach myself. I’m very happy with the progress I’ve made.”
guitar lessons for girls
Kaitlin B.
“I like the fact that there is so much knowledge I’m gaining. I didn’t know what chord was what and now I can play so many songs. I feel I’m more confident when playing guitar and it’s been more fun and it’s well worth it.”
music therapy
Taylor P.
I’ve been playing guitar for 3 years and taking lessons for the past year. I’m formerly a saxophone player and a drummer. I really enjoyed how lessons were tailored to my particular interests. This is not pre-baked, cookie-cutter guitar lessons for students. Through guitar lessons I’ve really improved a lot in technique, understanding the fretboard, and other areas and have learned how to apply it to what I am playing.
beginner guitar lessons in Franklin
Peter K.
We found Supertonic Guitar online and Xavier tried out a lesson and has been going ever since. I would definitely recommend Supertonic Guitar. Xavier has been really focused and has been learning and practicing and it’s been really encouraging throughout the process.” – Janet(Xavier’s Mom)
Best kids guitar lessons in Franklin
Xavier P.
“I’ve been playing guitar since I was about 10 years old. After years of collecting huge amounts of books, and different instructional things going on Youtube. I would say that I’ve made more progress from having a human being to go in and talk to. Getting that human interaction to point something out to me that you just wouldn’t get sitting in your room. If you want to improve your guitar playing, and if you get as much enjoyment out of guitar playing as I do, then I think you should check out taking some lessons. Supertonic Guitar is the only one I know to provide me what I needed.”
best guitar lessons for adults
Kurt S.
“When I first started playing guitar I figured I didn’t really need lessons. I never really wanted to take them. I wanted to teach myself, but there was more I could do, more I needed to learn. I thought back to the rest of my musical career, everybody in the my family, and I realized that most really good musicians, people who have done well, had taken lessons. They had to to get to where they were. I’ve gotten a lot more precise when playing.”
gnar guitar lol
Jacob T.
“Trying to figure out how to practice by myself, using youtube videos and things like that was difficult, because trying to find the time to practice and the discipline to practice on a regular basis was inconsistent. Having lessons with Supertonic Guitar is the way to force yourself to get good at the guitar. If you try to do it yourself, it hardly ever happens.”
best guitar lessons Franklin
Scott T.
“I thought that learning was going to be more difficult, but it’s been easier to progress than I thought.”
alternative rock guitar lessons
Tom R.
“I’m really enjoying this. I look forward to my lessons. It’s something that adds substantially to the musical part of my life and it adds to my life in general. It’s a great thing.”
classic rock guitar lessons
David A.
“My favorite things about the lessons is the honest feedback, and it gets me past my sticking points. I feel much better about my playing now.”
adult guitar lessons
Jim R.
“I’m 14yrs old and have been taking lessons for a year and a half. My favorite thing about lessons was how in-depth it was and how patient the instructors are.”
teen guitar lessons
Stephen T.
“The best thing about guitar lessons here, is that not only are you really learning guitar, you’re learning guitar from someone who actually cares about whether you learn guitar or not.”
acoustic guitar lessons Franklin
Corey B.
“I got to a point where I felt like I couldn’t take it further myself. I needed more guidance. Since I’ve taken lessons I’ve gotten so much more confident in playing, my technique is better, my understanding of theory is that much higher. My songwriting is so much better and it’s easier. It’s just much more satisfying now. I could see immediately that taking lessons was so much better and efficient. It was absolutely phenomenal.”
metal guitar lessons near nashville
Nick N.
“Before, I thought of guitar lessons as very slowly learning, a lot of memorization without any practical use. My perception has changed since taking lessons here, because you’re learning as you’re doing. The thing I enjoy most about coming here about is the easiness that I feel. There’s no judgement as I’m playing.”
Franklin TN guitar
Isaac F.

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