Kids Guitar Lessons In Franklin, TN

Watch your child do better in school, develop discipline and self confidence while they play guitar, and look forward to each lesson, thinking…

My Parents Are The Coolest!”

(Ok, we can’t actually promise that last part, but it could happen 😉). We do believe (in our totally biased opinion) that:

Music lessons far surpass sports or any other hobby your child can have!

With Kids Guitar Lessons In Franklin, your child is much more likely to do better in school, increase their IQ and become more decisive, resourceful, and disciplined compared to their peers.

The 3 Benefits Of Learning Music Theory

Not to mention the scientific facts which find that playing music is the equivalent of a full-body workout for your brain. This brain workout points to improvements in areas such as memory, social and emotional intelligence, self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-discipline to name a few.

If you’re looking for a skill your child will unknowingly use to enhance in almost every area of their life as well as impress you (and their friends)…

Kids Guitar Lessons Are The Way To Go!

We teach children as young as 9 how to play guitar, so they can...

  • Play songs within the 1st month. You’ll hear your child make actual music on guitar. Being able to play songs is a huge “win” for children and motivates them to practice even more.
  • Have the safest hobby ever. Injuries are very common in sports. But not with guitar lessons. No broken bones, concussions, sprained ankles, or torn ligaments here! We even teach proper posture and body mechanics in order to prevent muscle tension which will likely keep your child injury-free their whole life.
  • Learn the value of self-discipline and work ethic while having fun!

Can they really learn these valuable life skills and actually have fun?


Think about it this way:

It’s a lot like parents secretly mashing up vegetables and baking them into cakes, breads, or brownies. The vegetables provide vitamins and nutrients you wouldn’t otherwise get from using just flour and sugar and you’re enjoying it so much because you can’t taste the difference!

In lessons your child learns through:

  • Direct feedback and measurable results.
  • Practice that makes guitar playing fun and something they look forward to.
  • The positive learning environment and healthy competition with other students.

These activities subtly steer children towards confidence in themselves, discipline, good work ethic, emotional well-being, and maturity…without them even knowing it!

  • Easy to fit into a busy schedule. Typical guitar lessons are 30 minutes. That’s usually not enough time to get into much content. Our lessons are twice as long.

What this means for you is: your child learns 2x as fast and you can drop them off at lessons and have more free time to go run errands and get more done during the day.

  • Almost “NASA-level” standards for our guitar teachers.

A music degree doesn’t matter here (surprise!). A degree doesn’t mean you are qualified at all to teach guitar. Our teachers receive ongoing (monthly) training in teaching and music pedagogy (they pay for this with their own money)

We have high standards for music education because we want to be known as “The #1 School For Kids Guitar Lessons In Franklin, TN”