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Guitar Teacher Franklin

Guitar School Franklin

guitar teacher FranklinSupertonic Guitar is the fastest growing guitar school in Franklin. This is most apparent by the large number of very positive reviews all over the internet. The teachers are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive instruction and guidance for any student at any skill level.

Supertonic Guitar is not a music school teaching all kinds of instruments. Its sole focus is on guitar so the guitar lessons get 100% of the attention making them the very best you can find in the Franklin region. Our guitar teachers are much more than just teachers, they are coaches, instructors, and music mentors. Our guitar teachers are passionate about teaching and helping students to bring about the fullest potential in their musical goals and pursuits.

This is a guitar school which nourishes a positive atmosphere and culture to help students achieve maximum results. This comes through encouragement and dedicated support for each individual. Supertonic Guitar has a very, very high standard for all guitar teachers who are a part of our guitar school.

Since 2011 Supertonic Guitar founder Ryan Duke has been a member of the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle, an international group of the very best guitar teachers from all over the world. Trained by the most successful guitar teacher in the world Tom Hess. Ryan’s years of investment and dedication to ongoing training brings constant improvement as a guitar instructor and is a solid support for every element of teaching guitar.

All Supertonic Guitar teachers are thoroughly trained on how to properly teach and guide students. No other guitar school in Franklin has this level of training. No other school in Franklin has the level of credentials and training offered through the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle.

The vision of Supertonic Guitar is to provide the ability, for anyone who is willing to learn and have fun, the support and help they need to fulfill their desire to play guitar. Holding firm to the belief that you “do not need talent to play guitar, if you want it, we will work together with you to make it happen.”

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