How To Avoid Going Down The Rabbit Hole

How to Avoid Going Down the Wrong Rabbit Hole When It comes to learning guitar 

How long have you been learning guitar for? 

Are you getting stuck with your guitar playing? 

Do you read information and feel like you are being dragged down with information that you don’t understand? 

Do you find conflicting information regarding topics and don’t know how to figure what’s right and wrong? 

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The Rabbit Hole of Guitar Playing 

If it very easy to chase the rabbit down the wrong hole. 

Playing guitar is awesome. It’s so totally cool. And as a result, there are a lot of people out there doing it. Now the internet is also very cool, and it’s a great way to share information. So those two things combined, means there is more and more information about guitar. From different people and different perspective. 

This can be very confusing for many guitar players. There are some who manage to figure it out on their own, and use whatever they can find with combination of hours of hard work and determination to become great at guitar. 

For the bigger majority of people, it’s difficult to dissect the information to develop their guitar playing. It’s confusing and frustrating. 

Getting To The Top Of Your Potential

To get to the top of your potential, for what you want to do. There will always be one or two quickest ways to get there. 

Let’s imagine a tree rather than a rabbit hole, and imagine wanting to climb to the top of it. 

Tree how to avoid going down the rabbit hole

When you look up to the top of the tree and can’t see where each branch leads to, you can easily go up the wrong branch and end up confused or hitting a glass ceiling with your playing. 

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This is what it’s like when you gain bad information or pick up bad habits and incorporate it into your guitar playing. It can slow down your progress massively, or take you down a crazy rabbit hole in a different direction to where you want to go. 

Sometimes, you might have to unlearn the bad habits, by going down the branch before you can go back up again. Wasting even more time. 

Having an expert who is at the top to help you

How great would it be if you have someone at the top of the tree, who can look down and see where you are. They can see exactly where you need to go to guide you to the top in the quickest way possible. 

With a great guitar teacher, this way, you can progress much quicker, and the only limiting factor is how fast can you physical dedicate to applying the things you learn, through correct practise and training. 

What about me when I’m just starting out with learning guitar? 

Even as a beginner, this is vital. That’s because your motivation for guitar is normally at its brightest in the beginning. You want to keep that motivation up by seeing steady progress in your guitar playing. 

On top of this, you want to make sure that what you learn is what you need in the long run. You never whether you want to take guitar playing more seriously in the future. Being able to play some open chords on your own might keep you satisfied forever, but what if you want to then start playing with other people or perform. Building a strong foundation is essential to help you build towards you being able to use all of your potential. 

Building a Strong Foundation

If you want to build a strong foundation and have someone to guide you to the top. Find a guitar teacher who knows how to teach and have the right tools and instructions to show you how to get there. 

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