3 Reasons Why You Are Not Likely To Blame For Not Being Able To Learn To Play Guitar Yet

So, you have tried to learn how to play guitar already and it did not go well.

Guess what? You are not alone. The reality is that most people who pick up a guitar to learn how to play it end up quitting. Some of them because they really did not give it their best effort, some because of circumstances.

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Fact is the majority quit because they were not able to have success. Not because they did not make a solid commitment, not because they were not willing. 

Most people quit because things get too hard too fast. Whether you tried to learn online or from an app or from a local teacher, you probably felt like you would never get this.

That’s when you start to think the problem is with you. I mean the program or person you are learning from knows what they are doing right? So, if you don’t get it, you must be the problem.


Here are 3 reasons why you are probably not the reason you were not successful at learning to play guitar.

3 Reasons You Are Not Likely To Blame For Not Being Able to Play Guitar Yet

1. Your Guitar Teacher Is Not Good At Teaching

I’m being absolutely blunt about this because many people do not realize that most guitar teachers are not trained to teach guitar.

Just because someone has been teaching for 30 years does not mean they are good at teaching. I am sure you have had school teachers who had taught for a long time and were not really that good.

When you take lessons with just anyone, or the cheapest or the closest and do not seek out the best guitar teacher in your area for your specific needs you can easily end up spending a lot of time and money and not get very far.

Because of this many people fail to learn to play guitar and quit. The sad part is they blame themselves. They figure the teacher knew what he was doing and since they could not do it they were to blame. 

Based on my experience most of the time you are not the problem.

2. The Path You Were Put On Did Not Match You

What am I talking about? How can there be more than one path to learning guitar? 

To the untrained person yes, it may seem like it is all the same. But I assure this is not the case. 

Many guitar teachers waste their students time teaching them things they think are useful at their level but are not very useful for the student. Some of this is really cool but not important what just starting out.

The biggest problem with this is that you will start to find these things, as cool as they are, do not help you play any better and they can be rather complex and frustrating. 

Many people quit because they find they are not able to play anything and figure it is their fault. 

It’s not likely your fault. 

I have many people come to me and explain what they have already learned and it amazes me how it does not match what their end goals are on guitar.

Once I put them on the correct path to reach their goals they do amazingly well!

3. You Received No Feedback As You Learned

The most popular way to learn how to play guitar is to go online. It’s free, it’s available when you want and goes at your pace.

Seems like the perfect fit, right?

Not usually. There are many problems with learning this way, two of them highlighted above.

The biggest drawback with learning online is that you get zero feedback. No one is watching you to make sure you are doing everything properly.

This will slow down your progress and will lead to bad habits and poor technique which will cripple your playing and make it harder to learn more advanced things. 

3 Reasons You Are Not Likely To Blame For Not Being Able to Play Guitar Yet

Find The Right Teacher And You Can Learn How To Play Guitar

Unless you did not even try to learn how to play the first time you attempted it you are probably not the problem as I have discussed above. 

Most of the problems people have with learning to play guitar are because they do not go about it the right way.

If you were taught at your level, according to your abilities and learning style and done in amounts you can handle, I bet you would be able to learn how to play guitar. 

As a matter of fact, I see this all the time. I get prospects who have suffered through this for years and when they are taught properly they flourish!

Give yourself another chance, learn how to play guitar and finally make one of your dreams come true. 

About The Author:

Maurice Richard is a professional guitar teacher that operates out of the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Go to his website to see for yourself that you can learn how to play guitar.