What Parents Can Do To Support Their Child’s Development On Guitar

As a guitar teacher and trainer I teach a lot of kids how to play the guitar. One of the most most important things, in this process is actually not me teaching the kid, but me educating the parents on how to make learning the guitar easy and fun for their kids. Without the parents active participation and involvement the kids will never be really good on guitar. If you are the parent of a child who attends guitar lessons, adopting the right attitude can make a world of difference for your child’s musical future. The article below will provide you with some good suggestions on what to do and how to think in order to support you kid in the best way, but it is ultimately up to you as the parent to adapt them to your specific situation, implement as much as possible and think of new and creative ways to support you child in learning the guitar. 

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Make games out of everything.

Everything can be made into a game if you use your imagination – even practicing the guitar. Most parents will have used the age old trick of timing the child to get them to do a chore, that they don’t really wanna do. It is not rocket science to “trick” a child into doing something they don’t see the point in doing, by making a simple game out of it. As the parent, you know what will benefit your child in the long run, and you will easily be able to motivate your child to practice by making games out of everything.

What Parents Can Do To Support Their Childs Development On Guitar

Play the guitar a little every day.

Learning to play guitar is all about repetition, but it’s still important how you do this. It will bring your child a much better result to practice a little everyday. Let’s say that your child practices something 70 times. These 70 times can be split between all the days in the week (10 times a day) or 70 times in one sitting on sunday. On the surface the results should be the same as we’ll be practicing this particular thing 70 times, but in reality the two methods will not produce the same results. The brain stores information when we sleep, and in the breaks where we don’t have contact with the guitar. So practicing a little each day will give your child’s brain 6 more opportunities to store the information it is given through the guitar practice. There is a difference practicing smart or just practicing. Chose to practice smart.

Lower you expectations

Doing so is going to help your child a lot. There is a kind of romantic story being told, when we talk about music. Music is somehow suppose to come from somewhere deep within our souls. Therefore there is often a totally different set of expectations towards a child attending music lessons, than a child attending soccer practice. No parent expects their child to go home and practice their free-kick after school everyday in order for the parents to feel satisfied with the kids engagement towards soccer. If the kid attends soccer practice two times a week that is enough. Oddly enough this is not the same way with music lesson. For some reason the child has to show some extra level of focus and enthusiasm for the parents to feel good about the situation. But this should not be so. Learning the guitar has much more in common with learning the soccer than people thing, therefor we need to set the same expectations. 

These are only a couple of suggestions on what to do as a parent. It is not the only things you can or should do. You are the one who knows your kid the best, and you are therefore in the best position to come up with things that he/she will respond well to. Your assignment is to write out a list of things that you can and WILL implement on a day-to-day basis, to support your child in the process of learning the guitar. It should be a list of at least 20 things. Doing that WILL give your child the absolute best conditions to learn and one day master the guitar. 

About the author: Janus is a professional guitar teacher in Vejle Denmark. He is running Bredballe Guitarskole and specializes in the teaching, development and training of future guitarists. If you are seeking the best School of guitar in Vejle, Janus Buch delivers the best lessons in the area.