How To Improve Your Guitar Playing Right Now

Do you wish you could be a better guitar player right now? Do you feel lost on how to improve your guitar playing? Have you felt overwhelmed by having so many things to practice? Every guitar player no matter how good would like to get better at playing guitar now. Keep reading to find out what is the best thing to do to become a better guitar player right now.

The first thing you will need to do is determine what you want to do and be very specific. Write down everything that comes to your mind that interests you. Do you want to be able to play guitar solos? Is there a specific guitar solo you want to play? Do you want to be able to improvise on that guitar? Do you want to be able to tap while improvising on the guitar? As you can see these questions get more and more specific.

What’s the point of being specific? Glad you asked. There are a lot of guitar players who are not focused on any one thing. They just dabble in this and that without and direction. The result is that they never get good and anything. By having a very specific idea of what you want to play you will be able to begin moving forward on achieving that goal. This will save you a lot of time. I am not against playing many different styles of guitar or having many things you want to play. This is just to get you moving forward right now. People who are stuck often fall into 2 categories; either they are indecisive about what to do which paralyses them or they want to do too many things and never give the time to mastering any of these.

What if you cannot decide because you want to do so many things? In this case it would be very helpful to make a list of everything you want to be able to do that you cannot do now. I would encourage this even if you only want to do 3 things. Next you will need to decide where to start. The best option is the one that will benefit many other areas of your guitar playing. This can be difficult to determine.

Here are a couple quick examples. Lets say you want to learn a handful of songs and be able to improvise over them. Improvising is a complex subject to begin with and you will need to know the context of the songs to be able to improvise over them. Learning the chord progressions and structure of the song will be very helpful for improvising later on. Here is another example. You may want to sweep pick and finger pick. These do not apply to each other at all. The one to choose to work on now is the one you will use the most later on.

By clearing up indecision you will have a greater focus and confidence in what you need to do. This will help you get better immediately. You will not see monumental results immediately like a magic pill, but you will be setting yourself up for much faster results. This will also add momentum to your practice and improve your guitar playing overall.