How To Follow Through With Your Resolutions

Most people make resolutions for the new year, but they happen all throughout the year and should. The new year is only a number, but can still be pretty useful and motivating or demotivating. It’s very valuable to do a quick check in regularly and reassess what needs to be done to keep in line with your goals.

One major problem with New Year’s resolutions is they only happen once a year. To reach your goals, it is important to review them not yearly, but daily.

First, did you fulfill your resolutions or reach your goals yet? Did you become the guitar player you hoped you would be a year ago or when you first dedicated to the path of musical excellence? If you did, than you are one of the very few. Does this mean resolutions are bad? No, not at all. It just requires more effort to stick with them than we had anticipated. Resolutions get a bad reputation because people can’t live up to their promises. Everyone has done it, then felt bad about it, then blamed it on the stupid tradition of making resolutions. Why would trying to better your life and do the very things you really want to do be bad? It’s not, it’s a great thing, but it is really hard. It should be hard. If it weren’t then it wouldn’t require making a resolution to do it, right? It would just get done.

Stop feeling bad about it and get moving forward. The difference between those who reached their goal and those who did not was persistence. They didn’t give up just because they failed. Real success requires lots of mistakes and failure. If you are afraid to fail and hate how it feels to not be perfect and avoid it by quitting, then you will never reach success. You will not learn the necessary things it takes which can only be learned by failing over and over again. Check out the video of the best basketball player ever, Michael Jordan talking about his many failures which are the reasons for his success.

Those who have pigheaded determination to not quit, to get what they want, and to be who they want to be will get what they want and get to be who they want to be. They have earned it.

What is stopping you from getting what you want? What is standing like a giant between you and your goal? I will tell you what it is. Self-doubt and fear. It’s not a lack of talent. It’s not your age or your intelligence or your personality or your size or your circumstance. It’s your thinking. It’s warring against you and it is time you war against it. Don’t be afraid to make resolutions because it’s not cool anymore or because of the opinions of the cynical and self-defeated. Think for yourself and make your thinking work for you, not against you.

Two of the most helpful things I’ve learned in just about every area of life including music and guitar is first that you must take responsibility for yourself. The second is that doing this alone is almost impossible. Seems like a contradiction, but it is not. People are meant to help each other. We all need it and sometimes the best way to fulfill your responsibility to yourself is by knowing you are worth investing in. Give yourself the help your deserve.

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