How and Why to Choose a Style of Music to Play on the Guitar

This subject might be quickly dismissed by most, but it is more than essential to give some attention to. For many the style of music they want to play on guitar is simply what they like, but I have found this is often not the case. This is why I have decided to write on the subject.

First we must define what style is. Every genre of music has its own specific corresponding guitar styles and techniques. Everyone has styles(genres) of music they listen to and I am sure you have your own musical style. Genre or music style isn’t totally what we are talking about, but it is a determining factor to what a lot of people want to do.

Where the problem pops up, is when a misunderstanding of what you think you should play determines what style you learn. The key word here is think. I have met a lot of people who want to learn guitar, but are not even considering their favorite style because they have heard it is harder to learn or that they should learn some other style than the one they like first. I have also met people who already know how to play guitar and can play well, but not in the style in which they like for the same reasons stated above. So, as you can see this is not only for beginners. It starts with an idea that gets into your mind and you begin to think it is truth. It can appear very rational. It is easy to choose to do what you’ve heard from others is the right way of doing things. The hope is that this will save time.

In reality, this is far from the truth. If you want to learn a specific style, then learn it. You will enjoy it more and you will have much more motivation to work harder at learning it. That alone will help you progress much faster and have way more fun. This isn’t to say learning other things is bad at all. Most great guitar players know many styles, but have only one they are very proficient in. I imagine it’s the style they like to play the most. I encourage you to learn different styles because, so much can be gained from learning all kinds of music and many styles overlap in what skills are required to play them.

Another problem that can sway the choice you might make is self doubt. I’ve seen so many people who don’t do what they really want because they think it’s to lofty of a goal and they don’t want to be seen as unrealistic. If what you want to play on the guitar feels like it’s too difficult, then it will be much more rewarding when the day comes that you can do it. With the right guidance and definite goals you will make so much more progress on the guitar than if you just wanted to learn a few songs. It is also a totally legitimate goal to only want to play for fun. Whether big or small, all that matters is that it is your goal and that you start taking steps toward it today!