4 Reasons Why You Are Not Growing As a Guitarist

I’ve met many people who play guitar. Most are mediocre at best and are not growing as a guitarist. I don’t say this to knock them and feel better about myself. When I hear great guitarists I am challenged and inspired. This is an attitude that takes time to develop, because it’s natural to compare ourselves to each other and feel inadequate when there is someone better then us or feel superior when someone else isn’t as good. It’s a temptation that is almost impossible to avoid, but we have a choice to think positive in any circumstance. Getting back to the point…

Mediocrity is a trap. We see progress and then feel accomplished. That’s a great thing. Enjoy it, but don’t stop there. The good feelings will fade and you’ll just feel mediocre. I’ve done it myself. The good news is you can start to grow again. And much faster than before. To get started click the red link at the bottom of this article.

Why You Are Not Growing As A Guitarist

1. You believe you are good as you can get or you are afraid to try and fail. This is not a good thought process.

2. You don’t know what to do to move forward at this point. You’ve been trying to learn on your own and have exhausted your options. I can help you.

3. You might think becoming a refined player will change your style or take away the “natural” or “real” element of your playing. This is definitely not true. Becoming better just gives you more options to chose from and helps you to enjoy what you already do even more. Others will enjoy it more as well.

4. You are blame shifting. Maybe you say your guitar is not a quality guitar or you don’t have enough time. This is a mask for laziness. Getting better doesn’t take as much time as you’d think and a great player isn’t limited by his guitar. I don’t mean to offend anyone about laziness. I get lazy too. I do know that the feeling after you’ve accomplished something is much more energizing than avoiding something. And it’s something you want to see happen.

There are other reasons that can hinder you as a player. To find out more fill out the form and we will get started on eliminating these obstacles in your way to becoming great.