3 Overlooked Things to Consider when Choosing a Guitar Teacher

Lets first cover why you should have a guitar teacher

Guitar is a complex instrument. Many people try to learn on their own. Most quit very quickly. Many of those who have quit could have be great, but they just didn’t know how. It’s very easy to quit when you are by yourself in anything. There is no accountably, no encouragement, no guidance, no example to look to for help. There are countless amounts of people who have guitars sitting around their house collecting dust. You may be one of them. Being in that position of having quit or not knowing where to start is difficult to move past and begin walking forward to where you really want to be in your guitar playing. So, it’s fair to say having a guitar teacher makes it a lot easier. When choosing a guitar teacher most people just think about how much it will cost or how far away it will be. Guitar teachers are not all the same and you could easily take lessons from someone for 15 years and not get very good on guitar. While a guitar teacher who has been trained in how to get students great results will get you to where you want to be very quickly. In the end you will pay less for a teacher who charges more if they get you the results you want faster.

What to look for when choosing a guitar teacher

No matter what stage you’re at in your guitar playing you can always learn more. So, it’s good to find the right person for the job.

1. The thing most people don’t look for, but want, is fun. There are a lot of teachers who make things boring, overwhelming, or who are just not interested in helping you enjoy the learning process.

2. Someone who will help you define your goals and help you get to them. They personalize the format to get you results quickly. They need to be committed to help you when you’re having a hard time.

3. Someone who helps you play the way you want to play. Learning guitar isn’t some textbook thing. It’s a personal thing. Music is an expression of the soul. An extension of communication to others. It moves people. Technical knowledge is necessary, but there is much more to a good teacher.