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Virtual Gig: The Sequel

 Saturday August 21st – 6pm PST / 8pm CST

The much requested follow up (sequel) to our 1st Virtual Gig is here!

Our student concerts are the highlight of the year for us and many of our students. Last year’s live event in February 2020 was unforgettable with over 25 students performing with a full band on stage at the SOLD OUT Columbia City Theater.

Despite the pandemic lockdowns, we ran the 1st Virtual Gig in February 2021. With 22 student performers and 120+ attendees, it was a big success due to everyone’s hard work.

We were immediately ready to do another and many students have been asking us since when it would happen again.

Why You’ve Got To Do This

Every year our students make the most progress in the 2-3 months preparing for the student concert. It will supercharge your motivation by lighting a big ol’fire under your butt. I can hear the difference every year in the students who perform.

The students who perform also tell me just how much it helped them and how exciting it was to do.

Sure it’s scary. It is for everybody, but that’s par for the course. Everyone who has ever gotten on stage to perform has felt that same feeling. Facing this fear will be one of the best things you’ve ever done.

Click this link to read more about how awesome the Student Concert is. A lot of what is in that link applies to the Virtual Gig. It will also help you get a vision for what you can do in the future and what we are preparing for.

When live music returns it will likely be more valuable to our culture than it has ever been.


The Virtual Gig will be the best opportunity for new performers to get their feet wet without having to actually be on stage. So, if performing scares you, then this will be less risky and easier to do.

For students who have performed before this is your opportunity to keep your performance skills up.

It goes beyond the obvious benefits of preparing you for a live performance. In an ever changing world, where video and online content is so common, this will also prepare you for making and releasing videos online, getting more comfortable sending rehearsal videos, and more.

How To Sign Up

  1. You must be an enrolled student
  2. Quality practice habits and effort in your guitar playing (skill level and experience doesn’t matter)
  3. Totally committed to playing in the concert and attending the rehearsal in February
  4. Pick a song you want to play. You can use a backing track to play over or perform with other students if they are comfortable playing in person with you. I will leave all that up to you to decide.
  5. Song length is 4.5m or less. It can be longer if multiple students are performing together.
  6. Music notation/tablature, backing track, etc. will not be provided.

Signup ends June 13th, 2021. There are limited slots, the sooner you sign up the more likely you will be to get in.

I will provide you with support and instruction to make it the best it can be. There will be 2 bonus rehearsals(these times are on me and do not count as lesson time).

The event is free for all students and attendees. Invite your family and friends to attend virtually and gain new fans. 😉