How Great Guitar Teachers Set Themselves Apart From The Rest

Choosing a guitar teacher is one of the most important choices of your musical life. Choose the right one and you’ll make fast progress towards becoming the guitarist you always wanted to be. This should be your goal as a student. To help you find the right teacher, we’ve come up with the 3 things you should be looking for while taking guitar lessons (or you should ask about if you haven’t taken lessons yet). Great guitar teachers do the following things, making them excellent choices for someone to take lessons from:

They Show You How To Practice On Your Own –

You know you’ve found a great teacher when they not only show you what to practice, but help you understand exactly how to practice it in order to make faster progress. The mistake average teachers make is assuming that their students will simply know what to do with the materials they receive. This puts the pressure on you as the student to basically teach yourself… not good! Great guitar teachers hold your hand through the process of becoming a better player. When they teach you materials during your lesson, they show you how to practice it right then and there. They also make sure you practice it correctly before sending you home. This way, as long as you do as they say, you improve in between lessons.

You can often find out how effective a teacher is at getting results for his/her students by reading guitar student reviews on their website. This helps you understand that you will be in good hands working with a particular teacher.

They Don’t Teach Only Through Songs –

Guitar teachers who don’t know what they are doing commonly resort to teaching generic songs in the place of helping their students reach specific musical goals. This one-size-fits-all approach generally doesn’t get results and usually becomes boring for the student. 

Another common mistake average teachers make is to teach beginner students complicated things like music theory or sight reading. This is totally unnecessary for beginners, because they usually just need to play actual music in order to become familiar with basic techniques and enjoy the process of playing guitar.

On the other hand, an excellent guitar teacher focuses specifically on helping his students achieve their musical goals by creating a lesson plan just for them. These kinds of teachers make sure every lesson you take has a purpose and is based on your unique skills, needs and learning style.

They Motivate You To Get Better

The very best guitar teachers are also great at working with people. When you take lessons with a teacher like this, he/she will inspire you to get better and fill you with motivation every lesson. This kind of motivation is important because it is what fuels your desire to practice and push through when things get tough. Teachers who have a lot of experience at getting results for their students tend to be very passionate about teaching as well. This is what makes them natural motivators.

Use the ideas on this page to find the best guitar teacher for you. When you find a teacher who has all the qualities above, don’t hesitate to start lessons with them. They often have a long waiting list of people wanting to start lessons. Take action and do what is best for your guitar playing future!