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Guitar Lesson Gift Certificates

Guitar lesson gift certificates are an awesome gift idea. Studies have proven that life experiences bring true joy and fulfillment vs. getting more stuff that loses its novelty the moment after it’s received.

Give something that will not fade over time, but grow into a lifelong source of happiness.

One of our very best students ever came from a gift certificate form his wife. He has grown a ton in his playing and has even performed in 7 of our student concerts, playing guitar and even bass!

How To Buy A Gift Certificate

We do not offer online purchases. We might miss out on making some extra cash, but it is more important that the student and your loved one has a great experience. We also want your hard earned money to go to good use.

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Let’s make sure this is going to be a good fit first.

If you can say yes to the following questions below then it is very likely a good idea to move forward. If you aren’t sure that is ok, contact us and we can discuss it further.

  1. Does the person you’re buying the gift certificate for have an interest in guitar?
  2. Have they shown interest in guitar lessons and growing as a guitar player? This could even be searching on line for help or watching videos about learning guitar online.
  3. Do they have time for guitar lessons and some regular practice every week?
  4. Will they excited about doing this for an extended period of time? Taking a couple lessons isn’t going to help much, ultimately if you get them a gift certificate they should continue with lessons regularly.
  5. Will they cool with paying for regular lessons after the gift certificate is used?

If you said yes then fill out our guitar lesson contact form or call us at 615-731-3900.

If you said no, then it might not be a good fit, but you can still contact us to discuss further. We know sometimes it can be hard to know. Ultimately we want to help you decide and feel confident with your purchase. 🙂