3 Ways A Guitar Teacher Helps You Become A Better Guitarist Faster

It’s no secret that taking guitar lessons with a great teacher helps you become a better player in less time. Guitarists who learn exclusively on their own rarely become great players and commonly end up quitting guitar altogether. Taking lessons with a guitar teacher helps you in ways that learning on your own doesn’t… This is how working with a guitar teacher makes you a better guitarist faster:

You know exactly what to practice to reach your musical goals

Learning guitar without a teacher is like trying to find your way through the fog. If you have musical goals, you might occasionally make small gains on your own… but with a teacher to guide you, you know exactly what to practice and how to practice it. This means you reach your musical goals faster because you are taking all the right steps to get there. The only thing you must do, is make sure to follow exactly what your teacher says.

Tom Hess, music career success mentor and guitar teacher, has spent the past 20+ years helping students achieve their musical goals. He offers his advice for getting the most out of guitar lessons: “Once you’ve found a great teacher, you are halfway there to your musical goals. All you need to do from now on is do exactly as he/she says. Remember, they are an expert and they understand how to get you from point A to point B in as little time as possible. Practice what they tell you, how they tell you and for as long as they tell you. Then you’ll be golden.”

You correct underlying issues in your playing that hold you back

Guitar teachers are extremely useful when it comes to getting unstuck in your playing. Learning guitar by yourself usually leaves you with many questions and problems that hold you back from playing how you want. A good guitar teacher answers your questions and corrects key mistakes in your playing. You’ll find that when your fundamental mistakes are improved, your potential for making fast progress goes through the roof. This is because it’s often these core issues that cause problems later down the road. With a guitar teacher, you learn how to play the correct way and take on good playing habits that prevent this from happening.

You get feedback to keep you from wandering onto the wrong path

Jacob Melling, guitar teacher and owner of the American Academy Of Guitar Mastery, offers his thoughts about working with a teacher:

“You get so much value when you find a great guitar teacher. Not only do you learn simple things like what to practice or how to fix your mistakes, but you get guidance, coaching and mentoring as well. Self-taught players miss out on this because they never get feedback from expert players (at best it might be from amateurs or videos online). When you have your own teacher, he is there to answer any question you have about your specific guitar playing problems. This accelerates your progress so much.”

We agree with Jacob too. In addition to giving you critical feedback when you need it most, a guitar teacher stops you from heading down the wrong path in your playing. He prevents you from learning bad habits, practicing things that are a waste of time or practicing in a way that keeps you from reaching your highest goals.

Find a great guitar teacher as soon as possible, you’ll thank yourself later when your guitar playing is 10x better in half the time.